Fall Back Into the Decades

Why is the year 2016 so awesome??  Let’s begin answering that by taking a look at your personal style choices.  Do you wear skinny jeans, flared or boot cut?  Do you prefer bell sleeves, shoulder pads, oversized tops or flannel?  What about short boxy-style jackets, brown suede, denim or black leather jackets?  The answer to all of these questions is….”IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYTHING GOES”.  2016 is the time to let your personal style and creative juices flow.  Nobody will judge you but will instead be inspired by you!  Below I will list outfits that we have put together from pieces in our store using inspiration from each decade from 1960-2000.  Let’s begin the journey………………….


Trends:  Pillbox hats, suits in pastels, short box-style jackets, shift-dresses, over-sized sunglasses and pearls


Our 1960 outfit uses:

Shift Dress- size XS from “Weston” brand clothing (avail. here for $49.99)

Boxy Style Jacket- size Large from “Kensie girl” (avail. here for $29.99)

Pearl Necklace- (avail. here for $4.99)


Trends:  Brown suede, peasant dresses, wide leg pants and heavy fringe


Our 1970’s outfit uses:

Bell Sleeves Size Small from “Yahada” (avail. here for $17.99)

Brown Suede boots Size 9 from “Ann Taylor Loft” (avail. here for $59.99)

Brown leather purse-“Etienne” (avail. here for $44.99)

Jewelry-Turquoise necklace (avail. here for $9.99) silver/beaded necklace (avail. here for $4.99)


Trends:  Shoulder pads, mini-skirts, huge earrings, parachute pants, over-sized tops, tulle, candy colored heels and stone-washed denim


Our 1980’s outfit uses:

Top-Size M from “White House Black Market” (avail. here on sale for $14.99)

Skirt-Size 9 from “Candie’s” (find this in our Bargain Brand section for only $12.99!)

Small Heels- Size 8.5 from “Westies” (avail here for $12.99)

Necklace–(avail. here for $11.99)

Bracelets–Large white (avail here for $9.99), Black Enamel (avail. here for $3.99)


Trends:  Denim on denim, Velvet mini-dresses, Dresses over white tees, school girl skirts, Chokers, Flannels, Leather jackets and Platform shoes


Our 1990’s inspired outfit uses the following:

Dress-Size Small from “H&M” (avail. here for $7.50)

White Tee w/ netting-Size M (NWT) from “NYJD” (avail. here for $29.99)

Flannel – Size Small from “Isabella Sinclair” (avail. here for $29.99)

Choker – (avail. here for $14.99)

Shoes Loafers – Size 6 from “Franco Sarto” (avail. here for $24.99)



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