Look cute (and save money!)

J Crew and Banana Republic have fashionable and trendy clothing, however they are sometimes too costly and put an unwanted dent in our wallets. So, I went to both their websites to find cute outfits that I could recreate with pieces from here in the store. In doing so, I found out how much money you could save by shopping consignment! This is a good example of one of that many reasons why shopping consignment is beneficial in multiple areas of life, in this case finances. Check these outfits out:


J Crew Leopard Outfit: $166.00
(Skirt: $88.00, Shirt: $78.00)

Audrey Lane Version: $53.00
(Fossil Brown Leather Belt (M): $12.99, J Crew White Skirt (S): $14.99, Vince Camuto Animal Print Peplum Top (S): $24.99)

SAVE: $88.00

Banana Republic Blazer/Blouse Outfit: $246.00
(Mustard Blazer: $178.00, Black/white top: $68.00)

Audrey Lane Version: $56.00
(Nine West Mustard Blazer (M): $34.99, Flower Necklace: $5.99
The Limited Black Pencil Skirt (0): $14.99)

SAVE: 190.00

J Crew Top/Leggings Outfit: $671.00
(Maroon leather leggings: $495.00, Chambray Shirt: $78.00, Flats: $98.00)

Audrey Lane Version: $80.00
(Cloth and Stone Chambray Top (S): $29.99, Merona Flats (10): $9.99,
Cusp by Neiman Marcus Maroon Vegan Leather Leggings (29): $39.99)

SAVE: $591.00


Shopping at Audrey Lane Boutique and Consignment could end up saving you lots of money (in this case, hundreds of dollars!). Come see our new fall items, professional clothing, back to school wear, and more!

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